AI + Automation

Imagine having an expert team to combine the power of AI with marketing & business automation to grow your business faster and more efficiently.

“Smart business is already using automation”

When managers automate more of their administrative and reporting tasks, for example, they can spend more time on strategic thinking and coaching,” the report says. “Similarly, researchers could speed up projects by relying on automation tools to sort and synthesize large data sets.”

Even without generative AI, automation was projected to take over tasks accounting for 21.5% of hours worked by 2030. With the new technology, that share has jumped to 29.5%, the study says.

McKinsey Global Institute / USA Today

1,800+ Apps = Limitless potential

Automation platforms allow you to join multiple software tools together to automate marketing and business tasks.

  • Automate the sales funnel. Combine lead capture tactics (like gated webinars), with your CRM, and your sales team.
  • Onboard new Clients. Capture the sign up, build Google or Microsoft folders, send Slack alerts, and ensure the team are ready.
  • Monitor sales & business processes. Send custom alerts, build projects plans and assign /schedule tasks.

Automations are built transparently (using, the leading automations connector), which gives you piece of mind, and complete control over your business future.

With over 1,800 connected apps, there is almost no time-consuming process that can’t be automated. Plus, automated tasks have lower error rates.

Automation in less than 30 days

Automation can appear complex to begin with, but our team has developed a process that keeps things simple. Start with a discovery call to walk us through how your business operates today, and let us identify the immediate opportunities for automation. We will then build those automation, monitor them 24/7, and add more as you grow.


We audit your tasks and processes to identify the biggest opportunities for saying you time & money.


Your new automations are designed & built on your behalf. Full training & documentation provided.


With your first automations up & running, we continue to look for new opportunities to automate your tasks.



Our Client offers a high-quality, affordable podcast production and marketing service. They manage the process end-to-end, which involves a lot of moving parts.

During our engagement, we have built & managed over 30 automations, including:

  • New leads (downloads, webinars, events) are added to CRM, and automated message sequences are sent for immediate responses.
  • New Clients are captured from Stripe / Chargebee, triggering an automated onboarding process. The Client receives a note to schedule their kick-off, all their internal Google Drive folders are built, the Client’s Drive folder is built and shared, and the Client is added to their project management system with all initial tasks assigned and scheduled.
  • Episode submissions are received from Clients multiple times a day. Each is assessed and filtered for type, a project is created, and a 6-step sequenced project is assigned to all parties.

Automation saves the cost of more than 1 FTE, plus minimizes the chances of errors in complex processes.

Simple, transparent pricing

Flexible levels of automation to suit your needs.